Q: How long will my project take?
A: Project duration can vary greatly but can range from 3-5 days for a typical patio or driveway to 4-9 days or possibly more for projects that may be more involved.

Q: How large of an area can be covered in a day?
A: Our installation teams can cover approximately 100 square feet in a day.

Q: How long before I can walk or drive on my new concrete?
A: Typically you may walk on standard finish concrete as early as 48 hours after the project is complete. For vehicle traffic, you will want to wait 7 full days before driving or parking on your new concrete.

Q: Does Concrete Require Maintenance?
A: While concrete is pretty durable on its own, there are some things you can do to ensure that it stays in good shape: Avoid applying deicing chemicals during the winter. Don’t use harsh acids to remove stains. Clean your concrete regularly and apply a sealant to protect it from the elements.

Q: Is concrete a good choice for Oklahoma weather?
A: Properly installed and maintained concrete surfaces hold up very well in Oklahoma. From driveways and patios to sidewalks and more, concrete works well in Oklahoma and offers unique advantages.

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